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Sam Muller

Jumping into the DJ scene in 2017, Samuel "Evazion" Muller, has been killing the game with his artistry performances and great DJ'ing skills. Sam has been producing electronic dance music (EDM) under the DJ alias Evazion for the past 4 years. In 2018 he formed the DJ/Producer group ESKAPE&EVAZION along with myself as DJ Eskape to create heavy bass and trap music for our growing fans. Sam first took the stage at a backyard Thespian Prom where he launched his DJ career and dream of being a world famous DJ. He as since gone on to DJ some of the largest high school dances in the state of Arizona.

Jake Billingsley

Jake Billingsley started out as a bedroom DJ with no big dreams of owning a company or producing music for a living. His uncle told him stories about how he was a DJ in his college years and had so much fun and made a living for himself. Jake already having a little experience performing music gave it a shot and with the help of his close friend Jack Baker, they formed Decibel Duo in late 2015. Jake has been involved in the music since he was very young. First learning how to play the piano and then moving to guitar and playing in the church band throughout high school. It wasn't until he attended his first EDM concert and saw Martin Garrix and Diplo destroy the stage at the Comerica Theatre in 2016! Jake new he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry and melt audiences from the coast to coast! In mid 2016, he met Sam Muller, who helped him work on a personal music career under the name Flynn Ryder. In 2018, the 2 producers joined forces to create the artist, ESKAPE&EVAZION. Together they have learned to DJ and Produce music together and are running Decibel Duo with a do or die attitude.

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